Friday, August 1, 2014

His and Her Fuel your Faith and Top Five for Friday

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Happy Friday everyone! 

This week's posts:
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Today, we are linking up with Jessica at Joy in the Journey and Lauren Elizabeth for the combo Five For Friday and Fuel Your Faith linkup parties. 


Mandisa is a former American Idol contestant who has used her gift to create uplifting, christian pop songs. She chooses a set of verses each month for her #WordWarriors to memorize. This month she chose the verses above and I will be working alongside her to memorize them and put them into practice in my daily life. If you don't follow her on Facebook, I encourage you to "Like" her now. She posts beautiful messages each day and is an inspiring individual.

2. (Amanda) I finally found the motivation to tackle some of the school projects that I brought home as my "summer school" work. This week was all about my classroom library. It is now organized by genre and I got the labels all ready to go. Then the fight began. We have an old printer here at home and what it calls purple and blue is not exactly what I would call purple and blue. As my middle schoolers would say, "The struggle is real". I think a new printer is now on my list of must-haves. 

3. (Sean) I took a hiatus from riding my bike to work and the longer I didn't ride the harder it was to start again. This week, due to a fluke with my truck, I started biking. I missed it and am happy to have it back.

4. (Amanda) We have been doing a lot of organizing and decorating this week. It started with moving an end table from the upstairs to the downstairs and continued with hanging art on the walls, picking fabric to recover a glider rocker, and cleaning out a catch-all room. There is more to do but it was a good start. Come back tomorrow for pics of some of the projects we have been completing.

5. (Sean) I sold another bag on Etsy! This one was a knitting themed project bag and it went to a very nice lady in Arizona. I could not be happier that someone liked my work and made a purchase. I talked about the store on Tuesday, the link is at the top of this post. I can do custom orders (I started making cinch-sacks if anyone is interested in one of those). Leave a comment or email me and we can talk. Thank you all for the support!

What were the highlights of your week?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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