Tuesday, August 26, 2014

His Living in America: Where's the Butcher?

America has just about every type of store imaginable. However there are some types of stores that are very common in Australia but are seldom seen in America. Below are just a few examples.

Butcher Shop: In Australia a butcher shop is pretty much a certainty in even the smallest of towns. You can buy meat at the supermarket but there is a much better selection at the local butcher shop. Butcher shops are either located in the main part of town or sometimes in a shopping center, but is almost always a independent small business. Their hours are a little more limited but they tend to have a bigger selection and can make custom cuts as well. In America butcher shops do exist but they are not very common in many areas. Most people in America head to the local grocery store for their meat as most grocery stores have a fairly wide selection.

 Australians do not have to travel far to get their favourite magazine, newspaper or lottery tickets. Newsagents sell magazines, newspapers and other items that can include lottery tickets, office supplies and gift wrapping. They are often located either in a shopping center, mall or in the main street of town. In America they are often referred to as Newsstands. Most Americans will go to the grocery store for these items as newsstands are not common. The only place I have ever seen a store similar to a Newsagent here in America is at the airport.

Chemist/Drug Store:
In Australia you will head to the Chemist store to get your prescription filled. They are usually fairly small stores that sell items like medications and cosmetics. They are usually only open from around 7am - 7pm so if you need a bottle of cough syrup at 3am you are out of luck. In America they are referred to as Drug stores and many of them are open 24 hours a day. A typical drug store is much larger than a chemist store in Australia and sells other items in addition to medications. Often there is a large cosmetics department, food, wine and beer and cleaning and paper products among other things. If you need basic household items or medicine at 3am and there is no Super Walmart nearby, the drug store will probably have it.

These are just a few of the stores that are common in Australia but not so much in America. Is there a type of store that you have noticed isn't as common when you travel?


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  1. I bet you have better quality cuts of meat in Australia. We have newsstands in big cities like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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