Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Her Getting Back, Take 2

I really wanted to have house project progress photos (phew - say that four times fast!) for you today, but our contractor delayed our start again. This time it was the weather's fault. My fingers are crossed that today is the day work will begin.

I have been working hard this week and last to get ready for the new school year (I go back a week from today). There are a lot of little things and a few big things that I have been working on. I know now that some will get done and some won't. (More on that next week when I share my summer to-do successes and misses.) One that will be getting done is the pencil idea I had last year. I put duct tape around the top of my pencils to help show which ones were mine and to encourage students to return them. The idea worked like a champ and I am doing it again!! I still had pencils in March, which is completely unheard of. Most years I am out of pencils by December.

I blogged about how I did this last year, so rather than retype everything I am copying and pasting. I know it's a cop out - forgive me. :) The only difference between this year and last is the tape. Last year's theme was zebra print - this year is polka dots.


Every year I buy pencils and pens for my students to borrow as needed. ---- Key word --- borrow! But because I teach middle school, I usually am out of pencils/pens by midyear. Last year was particularly bad because I was out of pencils and pens by the end of November. I have seen many ideas online, on other blogs, and Pinterest about how to "tag" pencils. I decided to go simple. Here is what I did...

I went to Target to pick up the materials I needed. A box of plain pencils and some zebra print tape. (The theme of my room is zebra print.)

I cut a small strip of tape and put it on the end of the pencil.

Then I just rolled it up. Simple as that!

All 60 pencils took about 30 minutes with Sean's help. He cut the tape as I rolled the pencils. 

Now when my pencils are borrowed I will know who has them so I can ask for them back. I know I could let the kids keep the pencils but I hate running out and not being able to afford to buy more mid-year. I really want them to last this year. *fingers crossed*


Do you have a specific way you keep track of materials that you loan students?

Happy Teacher Prepping,


  1. Amanda, I did this with my scissors last week. I lost half of my scissors this year! Hopefully this tape trick will help. Now I'll do my pencils too! Thanks!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Cute idea! I bet this would work in any situation where pens are being stolen! :)


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