Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Her Cleanliness ID and an App to Help

I was on Facebook a few weeks ago and saw an ad for a Huffington Post Article titled "There are 4 Types of Organized People - Which One Are You?". 

organized 2
Click here to read the article.

I read the article and instantly knew which was me. I was the second one that the article called "Organized and messy". The bullets were what really sold me. They said...
For example, a person in this category might find themselves...
  • Ignoring the laundry that's been piling up on the floor because laundry day isn't until tomorrow.
  • Having their lunch made the night before, but skipping the whole making-the-bed thing in the morning.
  • Filing away important papers in a binder that then acts as a coaster for the next week.
OMG!!! It's like they know me! haha

I always make my lunch the night before, but I do not always make the bed. Everything has a place in the house, and eventually we will put it there. I'm not fussed if everything isn't pristine and perfect. Things will get done when they get done.

And that has become infinitely easier since a friend introduced me to a new app - Tody

I absolutely love that, thanks to the app, I no longer have to remember when I last cleaned the microwave or washed the windows. Tody does all that for me! Here's how it works...

You start by choosing a room in your home (they have a premade list) or you can click General for rooms/areas they don't have built into the app. 

For each area of your home, you add tasks that need to be done and how often you want/need to do them. This is all customizable based on your home and what the app calls your "attitude towards cleaning".  
That's it! Once you have items programmed in, the app will remind you when those items need to be done. It shows up in a list that you can see organized by cleanliness or by room. You simply tell the app when the task has been completed and it will reset the clock for that item. If you complete the task early or late, the app just adjusts the schedule accordingly.

I love Tody! It helps me stay organized, our house is cleaner, and I no longer have to remember when I last cleaned the stove hood or garbage disposal.

If you buy the Tody app, I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think this is something you would use/need? What do you think?

Happy Cleaning,

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