Saturday, August 2, 2014

Her Super Saturday Snapshots - House Decorations

Typically Sean is the one who handles the post for the Super Saturday Snapshot linkup. I decided to jump in today because I have some pics I wanted to share with everyone. I had the motivation bug bite me on Saturday and it stuck around for quite a few days. I wanted to get some things done around the house that we had talked about for a while and just hadn't gotten around to. Here's what we did...

Photo: All decorated and hung up! #firstburlapwreath #wontbethelast #photogrid
I made my first burlap wreath! I love it and it now hangs in our downstairs bathroom. The room did not have any decorations before so the sunflowers really help to brighten and decorate the small space. You can see the reflection of the wreath in the mirror which is pretty cool. It looks like the wreath is much bigger and it helps to make the space feel fuller and more decorated.

Photo: Found this beautiful vase while we were cleaning yesterday. It was a wedding gift from my parents. Sean picked out some autumn flowers (we are going to change them seasonally and autumn was everywhere in the store) from Michael's and made a bouquet. #talentedhubbie #beautifulflowers #mantleisnowpretty
While we were cleaning out our catch-all room, we found this beautiful crystal vase that was a wedding present from my parents. I wanted to put it on the mantle, but it seemed odd to just have an empty vase on the mantle. We went to Michael's to get the sunflowers for the burlap wreath and I told Sean to start putting his talents to work. He used to work with a fabulous floral designer (really, his floral arraignments are like design features) and I wanted him to put some of those learned skills to work. He chose autumn flowers because Michael's had put those out already and this is the arrangement he created. It's beautiful and I love it! It adds height and color to the mantle and a boring corner of the living room which is perfect.

Photo: Project mode continues...we hung several items around the house. 1. A collage I made and framed (I will make a tutorial for the blog this week)...2. We bought this at Hobby Lobby and it is now in our dining room...3. The "I" was added to our family picture wall. #photogrid @photogridorg
While we were in South Carolina visiting my sister a few weeks ago, I found the letter "I" in picture three and the art in picture two at the local Hobby Lobby (I cannot wait for us to get a Hobby Lobby in this area!!). I love them both and I am glad they have been hung up in the house. Picture one is a collage I made based on a Pinterest pin I found. I blogged about it here.

Photo: Found a basket given to me by a friend who passed away a few years ago. I'm going to use it for my knitting WIPs, but wanted a liner. Enter Super Sewing Husband Sean. I love that I will think of Ryan and Sean each time I see my basket. :-) :-) #photogrid @photogridorg
After we moved a table of my grandmother's from the upstairs catch-all room to the living room to use as an end table, I found this basket inside. It is a gift from a friend who passed away a few years ago. What a treasure! I planned to use it for my knitting WIPs, but wanted a liner. Sean put his sewing skills to good use and I have a liner. It's perfect!

We have a glider rocker in our living room but it was never anything too exciting and it didn't really match our decor anymore. We checked out a new fabric shop that a friend told me about and found this awesome upholstery fabric. Sean was able to cover the cushions and now the chair looks brand new. It fits in perfectly now.

Thank you for stopping by and seeing all of our little projects. Leave a comment below with a link to your Saturday Snapshots so I can visit back.

Happy Saturday,


  1. I love the wreath, looks great. Lovely pictures. I love to see how others decorate.
    Here's my snapshot

  2. I love it! Could you come decorate my house?

  3. You are both so handy about the house! I am terrible at things like that, but do wish I was creative. I really like your vase.

  4. All your creations look great. They really brighten up the rooms. Now you've inspired me to get busy on my own home.

  5. I haven't had any mojo this week so good on you!!!

  6. Oh, great decor! I am a big fan of changing things up...sometimes it just takes moving something to a new location, or adding a little something. Enjoy!


  7. You've been busy putting your talents to work. I love the sunflowers.

  8. What a fun post. It does help, to just change things around, repurpose and reuse. I am a big fan of using what you have and "spiffing" ( my mother's word) it up. Good job you two.!

  9. So nice. I wish I could do that. I have little indoor design talent, but I can landscape and garden anything.


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