Friday, July 11, 2014

His and Her Five for Friday with Fuel Your Faith

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It's been a while since we linked up for our Friday recaps. We are glad to be back!

This week's posts:
We took a little hiatus at the beginning of the week, driving back from South Carolina, and decontaminating after a brush with poison ivy up the poison ivy (see #4), but we finished this week strong.
Wednesday - Her Wordless Wednesday
Thursday - Her 13-14 and 14-15 Back to School Goals

Today, we are linking up with Jessica at Joy in the Journey and Lauren Elizabeth for the combo Five For Friday and Fuel Your Faith linkup parties. 


2 (Amanda) We spent the 4th of July weekend with my sister, brother-in-law, and niece in South Carolina. We hadn't seen them in a couple of months so it was nice to spend time together and see their new home. I had a blast hanging out with them and playing with my niece. I'm hoping to go back with my parents in August for some more family time. 

I used the app/website Roadtrippers to try to find some fun places to help break up the long drive. I found a dessert and coffee cafe in Durham. I ordered a triple chocolate mousse cake, chocolate gelato, and a latte. Everything was insanely delicious and I cannot wait to stop by this place again on the way down to South Carolina!

Photo: Loving the new pit stop we found...chocolate gelato and tri-chocolate mousse cake with a latte to wash it down. Yum!!!
Click here to see Francesca's Dessert Cafe's website.

3 (Sean) I put in an application to be a vendor at a local craft show a few weeks ago. I received a reply and sadly my application was not accepted. They had a lot of applicants and a limited number of spots so some of us had to be cut. I was a little disappointed but I am already looking into another craft show later in the year to display my crafts. (I also have some of the items for sale now in my Etsy Store)

Isn't this pacifer clip cute??

4 (Amanda) A friend and I have started walking twice a week and I love it! It's adds variety to my workouts which I am grateful for. Last week, we walked in a park near my house and I must have brushed against poison ivy because my legs had a pretty icky rash. It's my first brush with the "evil ivy" (my new name for it) and I must admit I hated it. However, my clothes and linens have never been cleaner. I washed everything I could have possibly touched or contaminated with color safe bleach, on the heavy duty cycle with a presoak and extra rinse. The cycles took two hours each! I am glad that the rash is going away - finally! Here's hoping I never have to deal with the evil ivy ever again!

5 My brother in law and I went to play a round of disc golf around Clemson University at night. It is pretty popular with the students. It was a little bit different to regular disc golf as your targets were items such as stop signs, trees, doors and light posts. The course was a lot of fun and one of the holes even had you throw into an elevator and then continue once you got up to the next floor. The only bad part was when I had a bad throw and one of my discs landed on the roof of one of the classroom buildings. It was a totally different experience to a regular game of disc golf, but one I would happily do again.

How was your week? We hope it was a great one.

Happy Friday,

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  1. Nice to meet you at the Fuel Your Faith linky! A husband and wife blogging team...pretty cool! Julie L.


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