Saturday, September 13, 2014

His: Saturday Snapshots: Bar Beach in Newcastle

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The beaches near our home in Virginia don't get a lot of surf normally. Unless there is a hurricane nearby the waves are usually fairly small. Australian beaches usually have good surf so I took a ton of photos last years of the various beaches we visited. Below is my favourite photos of Bar Beach in Newcastle.

Having cliffs by the ocean is much different to the coastline in Virginia where there is not a hill in sight for miles.

The surf was a little cranky this day. You may notice the red flag on the beach indicating that the beach is closed for swimmers.

It was nice being able to see some of the beaches in the Newcastle area as each one has its unique appeal. Where is your favourite beach?


  1. Fab photos, it looks so lovely :)

  2. I grew up in Newcastle, so naturally I have a great fondness for the beaches there. Bar Beach is one of my favourites actually.

  3. I love beaches...and I can't believe that I once lived within walking distance of a beach and hardly went...I was a college student then.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  4. Beautiful photos of beautiful beaches. My favorite beach (so far) is Ruby Beach on Route 101 along the Washington State coast. The water is too cold for swimming but the scenery is gorgeous. I'll post about it some Saturday.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and for stopping by my blog.
    Sandy @ Texas Twang

  5. Lovely beaches! They kind of remind of the beaches here in Oregon, but there aren't any towns as big as Newcastle on the beaches here.

  6. No beaches in NE Wyoming, but we have a Newcastle in Wyoming. I have yet to visit the west coast , but we have been to beaches in Florida and Mississippi and the Caribbean. I love them all. Thanks for sharing the beaches near Newcastle, in Australia.

  7. So beautiful! I sooo wish I could travel to Australia!

  8. Nice photo's. I haven't been up to Newcastle since that ship (Pasha Bulka) was stranded on Nobbys beach there, yes I went for a sticky beak. LOL
    Have a great week.


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