Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Snapshots: Sparklers at the Bonfire

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Today we are linking up with Melinda at West Metro Mommy for Super Saturday Snapshots.

I had seen some really good photos of people waving around sparklers before so I decided to give it a try when we were at my dad and step mum's bonfire a couple of years ago. They didn't turn out as well as I had hoped but they still turned out pretty good.

 I really like the effect of the sparks coming out all over the place on this photo.

 The people got blurry due to the long exposure time but it does help making the sparkler trails the focus of the pictures.

 Have you ever tried taking pictures of people with sparklers? Any tips you can share?


  1. I love sparklers - I don't think I've ever tried photographing as I would never want to miss out. Actually it's been too long since I've done any sparklers- I might do some soon for no good reason whatsoever except that I want to.

  2. Love firework pix, but ~I've never managed to do any successfully. Your's are lovely. My Snapshot is at

  3. I've tried taking photos of people with sparklers but they didn't turn out as clear as yours did. I'll have to read the instruction manual for my new camera to see if hints for taking fireworks photos are included. My granddaughter is still a little too young for sparklers, but we'll definitely light a few in a couple of years.
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    Sandy @ TEXAS TWANG

  4. Every 4th of July I try these types of photos, too. Fun! My Snapshots

  5. Sparklers and fireworks ARE hard to photograph! I've heard that it helps immensely if you use a tripod, though.

  6. That looks cool :) Personally I've always wanted to try painting with flashlights.

  7. I've wnated to take a picture like that with the sparklers, I hope I get to soon!


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