Tuesday, March 24, 2015

His Questions You Ask Yourself - Part 1

I was reading through some blogs a few weeks ago and stumbled upon this questions series. This blogger is where I found stole them. It seemed like fun so I copied and pasted the questions into four posts - two for Sean and two for me. We will each answer one set of questions this week and one set next week. Enjoy!


1.) What are you addicted to?
Netflix! I love being able to binge watch TV shows and not having to watch commercials. Well worth the $8 I pay each month.

2.) What’s the first thing you would do if you were invisible?
Go visit behind the scenes of different places like casinos, airports and places like that so I can see how they work.

3.) Pictures or Plants in your office?
We have a few pictures that I took in Australia hanging in our office.

4.) If you could magically change a part of your body, which one would it be?
My beer belly. Yes I could diet and do crunches and stuff to change it but a quick spell would be so much easier.
5.) Which animal do you think is your spirit animal?
Not sure about this one. Maybe some type of bird as I like to be up high and seeing things from an elevated angle.

6.) How often do you Google yourself?
Not very often, perhaps once a year or so.

7.) What makes you happiest?
A quiet day at home or out at a disc golf course.

8.)Type your name and the word *meme* into Google Images. Choose one and post it here.
9.)Do you think that time heals all wounds?
Not at all. Though apologies and trying to make up for it goes a long way. Its like getting a scar on your body, once you have the scar it will be there forever.

10.) Which words of wisdom from your parents do plan to or already say to your kids?
This one is one my mum used to say all the time: "Be careful or you will end up going a$$ over t*t!


Which question or answer is your favourite? Choose one and answer in the comments so you can join in the fun.

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