Monday, March 30, 2015

Her Mug 'O Comfort Swap Reveal

I participated in my first, but definitely not my last, swap through the blog Chaotic Goddess Swaps. This one centered around mugs and all the cool stuff you can drink from a mug.

I geeked out completely when I got the email saying who I was paired with. Darling Zane, my partner, is from Latvia. Yep, you heard me right, Latvia! I was so excited. She mentioned in one her emails that she loves to travel all over Europe and she has a friend who visits her from Finland. That is my definition of a magical life. :)

Zane is one of the sweetest and nicest people I have ever swapped with. I am so glad we "met" and I am looking forward to a continuing friendship.

Here's what was in my Latvian swap box:

Isn't it beautiful?!?

Geeking out! Geeking out! Geeking out!
So much fun to have a Latvian pen pal! :)

These are fun. I haven't tried one yet because I am trying to ration my treats.

Sean recognized these candies, but I didn't. I bet they taste good!

Chocolate covered raisins! Yummy! (I sent her some too - great minds think alike!)

These little penguins...

...hold tea bags. How awesome is that!

Zane tried to find a mug made in Latvia and she succeeded! Isn't it beautiful. :)

I let Sean have this one because it was one of his favorite candies in Australia. It's a chocolate egg with a toy inside.

What a beautiful gift. I am so excited about everything!

Thank you Zane for all the gifts and the thought that went into them. I am so grateful! :) :)

Happy Swapping,


  1. I like this post! Thank you! First thing what came into my mind when I saw Raisinets in your package was - hey, I sent her raisins as well! :)

  2. What a cool mug! I love that it's so uniquely shaped. And that tea holder pouch is adorable. :D
    How fun that Latvia and Australia have the same candies. I've seen Milka in South America, too. They say music is the universal language...but maybe it's chocolate? ;)
    I'm so glad you two were such excellent partners to each other. Yay!

    1. Actually, I think Milka is about special milk. No, not special, just from very special cows :) Check this ad - it's in French, but I believe you can understand what for these Milka's cows are special:


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