Thursday, December 20, 2012

Her December, 2012 Birchbox

About a year ago I saw several bloggers talking about a Birchbox. I went to the site and fell in love. For $10 a month, samples of make-up, perfume, and other health and beauty products would be delivered to my mailbox. I signed up and have yet to regret the decision. I have loved getting the boxes and have decided to now blog about what I receive. 

First, isn't the box beautiful? Usually they are only a solid color. Loved that for the holiday season, they went a little fancy.

Here's what I found inside:
1.  Juicy Couture Perfume - I didn't love the smell of this perfume when I did the "spray in the air and fan toward self" trick. Maybe if someone was wearing it it would smell differently.

2. Per-fekt Beauty Lash Perfection Gel - I am on a near constant hunt for great mascara. I have long lashes (blessedly) but they are light and do not seem to want to curl on their own or with a lash curler. This product claims to "amp up your lashes with primer, conditioner, and mascara". Here's hoping!

3. Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo - I am all for a new shampoo that can clean, without stripping my hair. In the winter, stripped hair means frizzy hair. Anything but that!! :) I wouldn't pay $32 for a full-size bottle but a few days of great hair would be nice.

4. Frownies Eye Gels - I am not too proud to admit that I have bags underneath my eyes. It is a lovely inherited trait from both of my parents. I would love for these babies to help deal with the dark circles and make me not look so tired all the time.

5. Tea Forte skin-smart Teas - I love hot tea but the ones that came in a box a few months ago were not that tasty. I am hoping, since this one also claims to "help make skin look for radiant", that it will be tasty and successful.

Overall, I would say that this is one of the best boxes I have gotten since I signed up a few months ago. What did you think of your December Birchbox?

Happy Sampling,
Even better this is a new link-up for me. Click below to see what other people found in their Birchbox. I am a little jealous of some of the products they got that I didn't. :)


  1. I got the Frownies as well, looking forward to trying them!

  2. I'm jealous of that lash perfecting gel. I've wanted to try it for awhile now!

  3. ohh those frownies sound awesome!

  4. I am an Ipsy girl now, no BB for me :)
    How do the frownies work?!

  5. The Frownies package says that I just have to put on the patches and the medication will work on the puffiness. I haven't tried them so I'm not sure if they will do as they claim.
    The mascara is awesome!! I just wish the full size wasn't almost $30.

  6. I received the same items. And agree it's one of the better boxes I've received.



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