Thursday, December 27, 2012

Her (and His) Christmas Recap

Hi everyone! I've been a little quiet lately, letting Sean post about the holiday season in Australia. I find it fascinating to read about all of the traditions from his childhood because they are very different from what we have/do here. If you didn't have a chance to read, here are his posts:

Usually, for Christmas, my family is all together. We spend Christmas Eve going to church and then having a nice dinner. In the past few years, the Wii has been a fun and competitive addition to our night. Christmas Day begins early with everyone meeting up at my parents house. The day consists of opening gifts, hanging out and sharing stories, then an amazing dinner cooked by my mom. Lately I have been making desserts to enjoy later in the evening. After twelve or so hours, everyone would head home. 

We also, usually a few days before Christmas, got together with great friends to have our "Friends Christmas" where we exchanged gifts and spend time hanging out.

This year, however, was a little different. Due to work schedules and some medical things, our family needed to stay spread out for the Christmas holiday. On one hand, this made me sad because I am used to my family being all together for the holiday. On the other hand, it made Christmas last for two straight weeks and that was a pretty cool feeling. So here is how our Christmas holiday season played out in 2012:

Part 1: We went to my aunt's house for Christmas about two weeks ago. She usually travels to meet us but couldn't this year so we traveled to her and took along her Christmas gifts. She opened them while we were there, but we saved her gifts to us for Christmas morning.

Part 2: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day went just like I described above with Sean and I celebrating with my mom and dad.
New Pandora charms for my bracelet

An Origami Owl necklace - with charms for all the kids

New scarf - I now own four (a month ago, I owned zero -- definitely a scarf convert)

Lots of new jewelry from Dad

New headphones - thank goodness because the old ones are in two pieces

New disc golf bag - his favorite gift!

Dad got a new disc golf bag too

A mountain of K-Cups for my Keurig

Part 3: We had our Friends Christmas on Boxing Day. We ate great food (yummy lasagne!) and opened gifts. Mostly we played with the two cutest little boys ever and their new Thomas the Tank Engine toy that Sean and I gave them.
Is there anything better than seeing children rip into a gift??
A new Scentsy for Kristin

Cinnamon Bun K-Cups for me

A "Life's a Beach" ornament for Ronda

Baseball greats in a baseball shaped book

The boys tried to put the track together but they were kind of in the way so we distracted them...

...with chocolate cake! :)

They each had two pieces.

Sean and Kristin had fun putting the whole thing together.

Here is the whole track.

Archer loved watching Thomas go around and around.

Bennett would scream when Thomas would go on the downhill part.
Part 4: This part is still to come. My sister, brother-in-law, and niece are going to open our gifts tonight (my parents played UPS and delivered them for us) and we will watch over Skype. Then, when my parents return, they are bringing Sean and my gifts and we will open them closer to New Year's.

*phew* It has been a stretched out, but fun holiday season. Hope you enjoyed your holiday season. Was it compact or as stretched out as ours?

In the words of Tiny Tim - "And God bless us all, everyone!"

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