Monday, December 3, 2012

Her Cyber Monday TPT Deals

Teachers Pay Teachers! I cannot say enough about this fantastic site, the creative sellers, and the awesome products that can be found there. It is now my go-to search engine when I want any lesson - Civics or English. If you have not checked it out, please - please - please do!! I promise you will find something that you can use tomorrow that will benefit your students. Plus - the money goes to a teacher and we all know how much teachers can use a boost, especially this time of year. :)

Last week TPT offered a Cyber Monday sale and I took full advantage. Here are some of the things I found that I loved and had to have for my classroom. (Click on the photos to go to that item on TPT.)

U.S. Government: Preamble, Bill of Rights, Checks & Balances 
Rigor is the word of the year in Virginia. Every time I turn around I hear about how the state tests are going to be more "rigorous" and how I should be increasing the "rigor" in my classroom each day. DBQs (Data Based Questions) are a great way to do this because they require analysis, synthesis, and connections all in one or two questions. This product is a combo of three DBQs all dealing with the U.S. Government. I can't wait to use the Checks and Balances one in January! 

Writing Effective Leads: Language Arts PowerPoint Lesson G 
My students struggle with writing, like all middle schoolers. They have expressed to me that the hardest sentence for them to write is the first one. (That's true for me too so I can sympathize.) I saw this product from one of my favorite sellers and I had to have it. I hope it takes away the difficulty of writing a lead and makes essays a little easier for my students.

Inference Common Core Exit Slips Grades 6th to 8th 
Exit slips = awesome way to end a lesson. Inferences = incredibly difficult skill that makes up a huge percentage of the state test. This resource combines the two. It is ready-to-go exit slips with short paragraphs and free response inferences. I hope the kids are ready because these little babies are going to start this week! 

Quotation Marks Task Cards: 32 Multiple Choice Cards for C
    Using Commas Task Cards: 32 Multiple Choice Sentence Cards    Comma Task Cards: 24 cards for applying different comma rules.
The Writing State Test will be here before I know it (eek!!) and my students can use all the practice I can find with these two difficult punctuation marks. Each is a set of practice cards (the first two are multiple choice and the third is free response) that allows students to review the rules we studied in class and practice analyzing sentences for correct usage. These would have taken me HOURS to create and I love that all I have to do is hit print and I am ready to go!

Head over to Falling Into First (click pic below) and Blog Hoppin' (click pic below) and see what other bloggers have discovered on TPT that has made their school-life a little easier. 

Happy Lesson Hunting!

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