Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Her Summer Vacation Wrap-Up

Earlier this summer I posted about all the things I wanted to accomplish over summer vacation (you can find the post here). Since I am going back to work (officially, because I have already been twice this week) tomorrow, I thought I would check out how I did. Here goes...

What was done...
1 - Catch up on laundry and housework
         Thank goodness!! I hope to not fall that behind again.
4 - Plan our vacation 
         Our vacation was fully planned - but the washing machine had other ideas. The first day of our "stay-cation" with more on that story is here.
7 - Go to Busch Gardens
          Went several times and, I must say, Verbolten is my new favorite roller coaster.
8 - Go to Water Country
          Went several times and hoping to go again before they close for the season.
10 - Participate in a book study (The Daily 5 and The CAFE)
           I got a lot of great ideas from the two books I read.  Trying to figure out how to best implement them in my classroom
12 - Cook
           I found some great recipes and enjoyed being able to give Sean a break from his chef duties.
13 - Work on school stuff
            My school to-do list was lengthy, but I am happy that it is (mostly) done.
14 - Paint kitchen
            I could not take that hideous border anymore - yay for it being gone!!

What was sortof done...
2 - Go to the gym
            I said "sortof" for this one because, though I went to the gym, it was not as regularly as I wanted.
3 - Lose 15 pounds 
            I lost a pound which is sortof losing 15 pounds, right??
5 - Read 30 books
            I read 25 books so I was close. I blame the Olympics. A lot of my reading time was spent watching the events.
9 - Hang out with friends
            We had a great time with many friends this summer - just wish we had more time to spend with them.
11 - Travel
             We visited friends in the mountains but we didn't make it down to see my sis. Darn!

What was not done...
6 - Go to the movies 
               I did not go to a single movie this summer. Weird!
15 - Pinterest ideas
               I got a lot of items from my "School Stuff" board completed, but not the "For the Home" board. Feeling some weekend projects coming on.
16 - Go to baseball games
               No Tides games. :( Maybe before the season ends.

Going forward...
I am hoping to finish off my school to-do list and get ready for the kids first day on the 4th. I have some ideas on Pinterest for the house that I want to work on. I need to go to the gym and train for that 8K in December and get back on the WW program wholeheartedly. I would like to schedule more time with friends in the area and travel to those who are away. Fall is shaping up to be a great season!

Did you get any of your summer to-do list items checked off?


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