Thursday, May 14, 2015

Living in America: Mother's Day

My mum, dad sister and me in 2006.
Last Sunday was Mother's Day in America and Australia. This holiday is always bittersweet for me. Sweet because we always spend the day with my mother in law who is one of the most wonderful women on the planet and sad as I got the call on mother's day in 2007 that my mother lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. She was the best mother a son could ever ask for and I miss her every day and more so around this time of year. She would not want us to be sad so I remember the great times we had together and her crazy sayings that she was so famous for.

One of my mates from high school now lives in London and was talking about mother's day back in March. I found this strange as I figured it was the same day since Australia tends to follow a lot of British customs. After a quick online search I found out that mother's day is on many different dates around the world. Here is a link to the full list but here are some of them.

March 8th: Several countries in Eastern Europe including Kosovo, Bulgaria and Romania.
4th Sunday in Lent: The UK, Ireland and Nigeria
Spring Equinox: Most countries in the middle east including Eygpt, Kuwait and the U.A.E
2nd Sunday in May: This is the most popular date and includes the U.S, Canada, Australia and many other countries in the America's, Europe and Asia.
There are also several countries that celebrate Mother's day on various dates throughout the year.

This year we celebrated Mother's Day at our home and cooked one of my mother in law's favourite dishes. What did you do for Mother's Day this year? Did you know this holiday is celebrated on different dates around the world?


  1. So sorry about your mom, Sean, I know it was several years back, but we always miss our moms. Not sure why, but I was particularly weepy this year and my mom died in 2006. I did know that Mother's Day was celebrated at different times during the year in different countries. Of course every day should be mother's day in how special we treat our moms :)

    We actually had a low key Mother's Day this year but I had seen my son the day before so that was nice :)


  2. so sorry

  3. I'm sorry for your loss, Sean! Remember her on Mother's Day and her birthday are lovely things that you can do to honor her memory and the wonderful woman she was.

  4. Nice tribute to your Mum, I lost mine just a year ago and its still a shock to us.

  5. Sean, Nice tribute to your mum. I lost mine last year and it is a devastating loss in one's life. Her birthday was the week before Mother's Day so it is quite a reflective way to commence May.


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