Monday, May 18, 2015

Her - What Works: Knitted Dishcloths

Hi everyone! Wow - it's been a long time since I shared something on the blog. Sean did the A-Z Challenge this year and I've been sitting back watching him write awesome posts about Australia. If you missed any, please go check them out. They were all great.

We are introducing a new series on the blog today - each Monday I am going to share something that is working for me. It could be health related, a new product, or something completely random that I am loving. I just want to share what I have found that is working for me and will, hopefully, work for you too.

Sean made a cute button for it --- 

Want to share in this idea with us? Grab the button, link back to our blog, and share away. I think this would be a pretty cool linkup, full of ways of making life easier, more fun, more enjoyable, more...whatever! :)

What's working for me this week? Knitted dishcloths!
One of my favorites - I love the pink, orange, and yellow combo.
This was one of the first projects I did as a knitter and I fell in love. Here's the link on Ravelry. I have made dishcloths for my mom, my sister, Sean, and friends. I love their ease to make and their versatility and strength. I can make one in a day (which is huge for me because I am a slow knitter so everything takes forever!) and Sean has told me that they are the best scrubbers for pots and pans he has ever used. My mom and sister use theirs in the kitchen for dishes, like Sean, and agree that they are the best for scrubbing pans - bonus: they don't scratch your non-stick pots and pans. I am making another one now that will be my face washcloth each night when I am taking off my makeup. 

I love the Neapolitan look of this one - vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.
Don't know how to knit? Comment below with how many you want and which colors are your faves. I will knit and ship them by the end of summer. I only ask that you pay for shipping and $3 per washcloth (just to cover the cost of the yarn).

What's working for you today?

Happy Monday,


  1. I do like them; you did a great job knitting them. I tend to use sponges, otherwise, I'd order one :)

    Cute meme you started! Good luck with it!

    What is working for me today is not work, LOL. The company was having some issues getting the work out so its been a slow day for that (but we get paid downtime so that's a good thing)


  2. I have a friend that has made those for me, and they really are the most awesome washcloths. I'm a pretty beginner knitter, and haven't done it for a while, but I could make one of those cloths and a simple hat. That's about it. Hiking is what is working for me right now.

  3. What an awesome his/her blog! It is rich with original and fun content! I'd love to check back with you occasionally and feature you on my 'Movivating Monday' Link ups sometime! I once knit a whole sweater, but that was years ago and have since forgotten everything I learned about knitting!


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