Tuesday, May 19, 2015

His: Living in America - Speed Limit Signs

Many of the road signs in America look very similar to the ones in Australia that is not the case with speed limit signs. The ones in America are black and white and in miles per hour. In Australia it is a number in black with a red circle around it and is in kilometres per hour. I found it difficult at first to see the speed limit signs in America since I was so accustomed to looking for the signs with the big red ring around them. After several years I got used to the black and white signs but I do miss the ones in Australia.

Most highways in Australia have a 100kph/61mph speed limit or 110kph/66mph on more rural areas and freeways. Speed limits in towns and cities are lower and range from 50kph/31kph to 80kph/50mph. They do seem to change the speed limit a lot in towns and cities so it is important to pay attention so you don't get a speeding ticket. Below are a few examples of the speed limit signs in Australia.

In addition to speed limit signs the speed limits are also on the roads in many places. 

 110 looks impressive to people who are used to mph but it only translates to 70mph.

 Better not speed in this area or you will get a nasty surprise in the mail box.

Better obey the speed limits,

or you may get a visit from the boys and girls in blue.

Do you prefer the Australian speed limit signs or the American ones? Do you have different ones where you live?


  1. the ones in Australia are similar to the German/Mexican ones. (but in mexico they add the km/h under the #).

  2. That 110 speed limit did throw me off at first. It would take me forever to get used to that.

  3. I kind of like that circle with the number in it like they do in Australia. It would take getting used to it but the red does draw attention to the sign. I think I would need a conversion chart though in the car when I first started driving there :)


  4. I'm used to the American signs, so that red circle would take some time to get used to.

  5. 110. Here in New Zealand I have not seen higher than 100.


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