Thursday, April 3, 2014

Her Love of Coffee

The A-Z Blogging Challenge continues. C is for -----

Coffee! Is there any better reason to get up in the morning? I saw this on Pinterest a few weeks ago and it made me laugh - I think my students would say I need this mug.
Love this!!! ---- Source

One of my favorite TV shows is Gilmore Girls (Thank you ABCFamily for showing those episodes each day!) and one of the reasons I like the show so much is because Loralei and Rory share my love of coffee.
Favorite show + favorite drink = Awesomeness! --- Source

Three Christmases ago, my dad bought me a Keurig. Everyone in my family had one, except me (I was late to the coffee drinking party), so I was ecstatic to finally have one of my own. Since then, I have tried a lot, and I mean A LOT of K-Cups and different types of coffee. Here are the favorites that I keep going back to day after day.

  The best donuts deserve the best coffee and, in my opinion, Dunkin' Donuts has the best coffee. I love stopping in for a chocolate donut with chocolate icing and a cup of coffee. What a yummy way to start the day! I don't do that often though because a chocolate and chocolate donut is not exactly a healthy food, so these K-Cups give me that feel at home. They make such a great cup of coffee!

I prefer my coffee to be on the milder side. Anything French or Italian Roast is going to be too strong for me. Really anything "regular strenth" is too strong for me. This Green Mountain Breakfast Blend, however, is perfect! (Kinda like Goldilocks and the porridge.) I love that it isn't too strong, but still tastes like good coffee (not hot water).

A friend sent me this coffee as part of a care package. I had not tried it before and was nervous because I thought it might be too strong. I was so happy to be wrong! This catapulted into the top spot on my favorites list. It is mild enough to not be overpowering, but has a really delicious taste. I am out of this and need to head to the store for some more!

My final favorite coffee comes from World Market, but it is not a K-Cup. They sell coffee beans that you can grind there or at home so you know it is fresh. The Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is so good - mild and a little nutty. I love it! Thankfully, I have two My K-Cups (pictured above) so I can use my own coffee grounds to make coffee in the morning. (This is also a lot cheaper which makes Sean super happy!)

Well, that's them. My favorite coffees and K-Cups.  What are your favorite K-Cups or coffee blends? I am always looking for new ones to try.

Happy Caffeinating, 


  1. I'm not a big coffee fan, but I love how it smells. My mom is addicted to the DD ones as well. She says the Aldi brand is also really good.

  2. I love coffee. I have now gone two days without coffee (tea only) and bearing in mind I have been blogging without coffee - it has been difficult - will need to get a coffee machine.

  3. Coffee.. Gilmore Girls...this is my kinda post! :) Coffee is so different around the world which is weird to me. North Americans tend to like the filter coffee whilst down here in Kiwi land we're all about our Lattes and Flat whites. I have to admit that it gives me a bit of a giggle when I'm in a cafe and someone is staring blankly at the coffee menu because generally they're either a senior citizen or from North America! :) I've had some really fun conversations about the beverage preferences of the two hemispheres LOL

  4. Here's something weird...I've never had coffee in my life. Not once! But I love the way it smells and love your post :)

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, With Joy)

  5. I love coffee, and I am ecstatic that so many people choose the letter C to write about it. Or maybe I just feel that excited because I have drank quite a bit of coffee :)

  6. Love a good cup of coffee to get up in the morning to! I have a K-cup machine but we're currently on a budget so I'm not buying any of the little K-cups and I can't remember what I used before, but anything strong and dark roast are favorites of mine.


  7. We treated ourselves to a Keuring a couple of Christmases ago. We loved it and the coffee. Finally moved to a French Press after a visit to Ecuador - we cut our coffee bill by 75%. Wow!

    D.B. McNicol
    A to Z: Romance & Mystery...writing my life

  8. I don't like coffee (though working in a little drive-thru coffee shop was one of my favorite jobs), but a big YES to Gilmore Girls!! Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

  9. My husband drinks coffee sometimes, but I very, very rarely drink it. I don't really like the taste, but I LOVE the smell of it. I could sniff it all day long. :)

    Have a great week!


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