Thursday, April 10, 2014

Her In Progress (Knitting WIPs)

In today's continuation of the A-Z Blogging Challenge, I = In Progress!

I have been knitting now for a year and four months. I have finished quite a few projects, given up on a few, and learned A LOT! Right now I am struggling with the eternal crafting dilemma - the starting and not finishing of projects. 
Anyone else have that problem too?

Right now I have four projects cast-on. Here they are (along with a projected finish timeline - though, knowing me, I will struggle to keep with that plan).

Start Date: May 3, 2013 (phew! What a long time ago!)
This is a present for my sister-in-law. It was originally a wedding present, then Christmas, then her birthday. Now I am not sure why she will get it, but I am almost finished so she should get it soon.
EFD (Estimated Finish Date): May, 2014

Start Date: August 14, 2013
This scarf will be for me. I don't knit myself a lot of things, because I would rather knit something and give it to a friend or family member. That makes me happy!
EFD: July, 2014

Start Date: I don't honestly know. It was sometime last month.
This is for my sister. She placed an order for seven of them. I have five finished so that is two more to go.
EFD: Very soon. I want to to get the final two done before she comes for a visit next week.

Start Date: January 19, 2014
This is what I lovingly call my "time-out" shawl. It is the most complicated and complex thing I have ever knit. I need to be 100% focused when I am working on it so I don't make a mistake. It has been in time-out for about two months. I am hoping to work on it more this summer.
EFD: August, 2014

 These washcloths are finished, meaning all the stitches are done and they are bound off. I just have to weave in the ends and wash them. Sometimes that final step takes the longest to get to.
EFD: Soon, because these are all for my sister and she is visiting soon.

What crafting projects are you in the middle of right now? Do you have the same start/finish problem as me?

Happy Crafting,


  1. I haven't done any knitting for years. But I remember that having it ready for a friend or family member was always the biggest motivation for me to finish it quickly. When it was for myself I would really take my time.

    LittleCely from LittleCely's Blog

  2. Hi Amanda - stopping by to share some A to Z love. My grandmother started to teach me knitting when I was younger and it's something that I always have regretted (not taking it seriously and not really taking her knowledge and learning the craft from her). Love your blog.

  3. I have grown watching my mother knit. Out of curiosity I asked her teach me. As a kid, I used to knit dresses for our dolls. Real knitting to my credit includes a shawl I knitted for my mother, mufflers for several men in the family and my sister, a sweater for my husband and one for me this year.

  4. Hi...Amanda :)
    This is a very different kind of post I came across . It's so creative . Your knitting projects made me remember my aunty who had a hobby of knitting and gifting us with new sweaters and shawls every year when I was a kid .

    Good to get connected through A-Z Challenge .


  5. Haha. A friend of mine and I are always discussing this problem. We refer to them as UFOs (Unfinished Objects). She's currently undergoing a challenge for 2014 where she finishes at least one randomly selected UFO each month. It's quite entertaining. Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

  6. Yes! I'm exactly the same. Right now I'm wearing a jumper I knitted myself, which sat for a year on the shelf, FINISHED, but waiting for me to weave in the ends! Granted it was too hot to wear it anyway, but still--a year! I need to go and look at what I have sitting in limbo--a shrug, I think--but currently I'm knitting my son a pink jumper (his favourite colour). My daughter will get one in yellow next. And, yes, I'm being very restrained not knitting them both at once. ;-)

  7. My grandmother knitted and gave me some fabulous sweaters! I don't knit - I write, and I'm not exactly a procrastinator, more like I was a snail in another life and the slow speed-setting stuck. It's even worse because my brain can only handle one project at a time. So I write about a book a year while other authors can whip one out in 2 months. *sigh*

  8. I wish I could say I make crafts but that is not something I do or ever think I will do.

  9. I have some knitting projects from years ago, but I finally gave up. I did knit a blanket once, but I just decided over time if I am going to craft with yarn, I would rather use it to cross stitch on the plastic canvas mesh.

  10. All pretty projects you are working on; I am sure eventually they will all be completed. I enjoyed doing crafts at various times of my life, but kind of got away from it recently so no unfinished projects here (when I had some and we would move, which we seemed to do a lot, I would just bundle them up to take to the local thrift store). My mom was a knitter; she would knit hats for projects that gave hats to kids in winter among other things. I used to make baby blankets years ago; now I blog,LOL :)


  11. I love the colors in the piece for your sister-in-law. I'm not a very crafty person, so I don't really have that problem, but I have dozens of partially finished stories and blog posts saved on the computer.

  12. I am glad I am not the only one who has multiple knitting projects going on at the same time. I technically have 4 that I am working on in various stages.


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