Sunday, March 9, 2014

Her Sunday Social, Week 92

Happy Sunday everyone! Sean and I had another long week, but yesterday was a fun day. Friend time and crafting time for both of us. Since it is Sunday now, that means it is time for - 
 Sunday Social

This week's questions are all about Pinterest. Since Sean does not have a Pinterest account, I am handling this week on  my own. I'm sure he will be back next week.

I linked each picture to the original page where the image was found.

1. What is your favorite outfit pin?
I don't pin outfits. I like looking at them, but I don't pin them.
2. What is your favorite food pin?
I have so many recipes pinned. In fact I have three boards for recipes - dinner/lunch, dessert, and breakfast. It is so hard to pick one! This is my favorite pot roast recipe that I found on Pinterest. We make it at least once a month.

3. What is your favorite wedding pin?
Sean and I got married many years before Pinterest was invented. But I did set up a wedding board after my sister-in-law, Shellie, got engaged. I loved the idea of this shadow box filled with items from the wedding day. Such a great memento to hang next to a wedding portrait.
4. What is your favorite DIY/craft pin?
I love pinning patterns and tutorial videos for my knitting. I cannot wait to start this Zebra cowl. It looks like it is complicated, but the pattern is really easy.
5. What is your favorite quote/verse/lyric pin?
I have a lot of quotes pinned that I look at when I need inspiration or a new direction. This is one I turn to when self-doubt and my constant self-critiquing needs to be put into check.

6. Share one more random pin you love.
I love all things to do with Queen Elizabeth and the British royal family. When I saw this quote, I liked the Queen a little bit more.
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Happy Pinning,


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