Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday Snapshots: Lap quilts for the Aussies

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My sister and her husband have been visiting us in Virginia for the last two weeks. My sister and I decided to make a lap quilt for her husband.

I cut out the squares and my sister sewed them together. Teamwork!

Tim chose the pattern that had beer glasses and beer related phrases. We paired it up with coloured blocks that matched.

 Tim chose the backing as well. It is a microfleece material. It was fairly easy to sew.

Since we were working together we finished Tim's quilt fairly quickly so we went back to the fabric store to get material for a quilt for my sister Shellie.

 She loves Dachshunds so we found a Dachshund fabric and some bright colours to be the solid squares.

The backing for this was a little harder to match but the nice lady at the fabric store found one for us.

 Tim and Shellie displaying their new quilts.

They are heading back to Australia today where it is winter so they should get plenty of use out of the quilts for the next month or two.

 Do you have a favourite quilt for cold winter days?


  1. Both quilts came out very nice! I'm sure they will be enjoyed!


  2. Beer and dachshunds - what could be better?

  3. Love those colorful quilts! The favorite in my collection is a ragged edge quilt made with homespun. It's soft and snuggly and was easy to make.
    My Saturday Snapshot post is HERE.

  4. I love both of those quilts! From what I've seen of Australia's winter this year, they will be put to good use!

  5. Love that pattern -- bold and beautiful. What gorgeous colors in both quilts!

  6. Both are beautiful! Every time I see your quilts I want to make one myself!

  7. It's nice you work together on these quilts. That's half the fun!

  8. These are beautiful! One year for Christmas, I got my husband and sons quilts made from their favorite old out-grown t-shirts (bought them, not made - I can't sew at all!). All three loved them - they still rank as favorite gifts!


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  9. I enjoyed seeing the steps taking to make the two quilts. My favorite photo is the last, the one of Tim and Shellie displaying their new quilts. :-)

    In our closet, my husband and I have a few quilts. Some were given to us for our wedding several years ago. Another was given to us by my aunt who likes to quilt. Quilts are wonderful warmth in winter!


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