Thursday, September 26, 2013

Her Give-a-Way Win!!

I have been lucky over the last few years to find some amazing blogs to follow and draw inspiration from. Some of them are school/teacher blogs, some are knitting blogs, and some are lifestyle blogs. I find it so comforting and fun to come home and read about other classrooms, knitting projects, and daily events.

One of the blogs that I LOVE and that I look forward to each day is Erin's E-Z Class blog. Erin is a dedicated teacher who has some great ideas for her classroom. She is devoted to her students and she is funny. I find myself chuckling while reading her posts and wanting to steal ideas for my own classroom. The fact that she is from New Zealand and gets to look at that Lord of the Rings scenery every day makes me green with envy. 

The E-Z Class

When she reached 50 followers on her blog, she hosted a give-a-way of some of her favorite New Zealand goodies. As I read the list of what she was including, I recognized some of the things that Sean loved when we were in Australia this summer and some things he mentioned liking when he went to New Zealand years ago. I entered and crossed my fingers. On the morning of the first day of school, I got an email saying I won - what a great way to start the year!! 

Here are my winnings:

The white chocolate bar with L&P soda and pop rocks sounds like something right up Sean's alley. He loves L&P soda and white chocolate. I'm going to get a taste (I hope!) but then it's all his.
The Crunchie bars are his too - honeycomb wrapped in chocolate. I love chocolate but not honey so much. These are a favorite Australia treat of his so he is happy to have more. The ones he brought back from vacation are long gone.
The Pineapple chews are all Sean's also. He loves pineapple - LOVES it! These are kind of like a chewy, pineapple starburst wrapped in chocolate. I dislike pineapple greatly so I am staying away.
The Manuka Honey will be a good addition to my hot tea and Sean might put a little on his toast in the morning. We are going to fight over this one.
The coffee mug is all mine. The All Blacks are the national rugby team in New Zealand; Sean is a fan, even though that means he sometimes cheers against the Wallabies (which is Australia's team). I am not letting him use this mug however. The All Blacks and I are going to Windsor to try to convince the kids that American football is boring and rugby is better.

I am so grateful to Erin for having a give-a-way and I am over-the-moon that I won. It felt good to be able to share these items with Sean also, giving him a taste of home and some reminders of his favorite vacation. 

Which New Zealand candy do you most want to try?

Happy Thursday,


  1. I'm so pleased you liked your goodies!! The L'n'P chocolate is strange, so make sure you do try some!! Let me know what you think hehe. You get your convincing on, rugby is WAY better than American Football haha
    The E-Z Class


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