Monday, June 15, 2015

Her What Works: The iHeart Radio App

Each Monday I share something that is working for me. It could be health related, a new product, or something completely random that I am loving. I just want to share what I have found that is working for me and will, hopefully, work for you too.

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A few years ago I was all about the Pandora Radio app. I loved using it to listen to music on my phone and iPad. Then I heard about a different radio app - iHeart Radio! It is so much better. Let me tell you how ---

Let's get our music on! ;)
When you open the app,  it shows a screen of channels you have listened to before if you are a returning listener. You can listen to radio channels from all over the country or channels that are specific music genres, artists, or time periods. I have found some great channels just by browsing the app.
They all look good to me! :)
My absolute favorite thing about this app and the reason that I deleted Pandora and won't go back, is the "Perfect for" feature of iHeart Radio. All throughout the day, they have different Perfect for options. This morning, this is what I saw.
I almost picked Road Trip just to see what would come up. Looked fun!
The Kids channels are fun - I've listened to them while playing with my niece. The Working Out channels are upbeat and motivating. My favorite channel that I cannot get enough of and listen to every time I open the app I found because I opened the app one morning and found a "Perfect for Getting Ready" station called Singing in the Shower. It is music from all genres, all time periods, that are fun and impossible to not sing along to.
You can "like" and "dislike" songs to help the app learn your tastes. After using it for a few months, I rarely have to hit dislike anymore.

Are you an iHeart Radio listener? What channels are your favorite? If you haven't tried this app yet, I think you should. I bet you will find something you love!

Happy Monday, 

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  1. I haven't heard of this App, though I don't necessarily listen to music on my phone, but will through Pandora, that I recently set up, on my tablet. Might have to check this out though.



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