Tuesday, June 3, 2014

His: T-Shirt Cushion

Since I started sewing I have come up with some interesting project ideas. I had a old long sleeved T-Shirt that I cherished but could no longer wear as it was starting to fall apart. I thought about using it as part of a t-shirt quilt but I really don't have enough shirts to make a proper sized one. One day I was looking at this old shirt, and the pattern on it and thought it would be the perfect size for a cushion. I did a bit of research on how to make a cushion and figured I would give it a go. I was extremely nervous cutting up the shirt, and attempting this project as I would not be able to replace the shirt if I messed up. After a bit of thought I figured that if I didn't turn it into a cushion it was likely just fall apart and end up in the trash so I really had nothing to lose. So I got out my scissors and sewing machine and made it into a cushion.

How to make a cushion out of an old T-Shirt.

Cut carefully around the graphic that you want to use. Cut two pieces of equal sizes for the front and back of the cushion. 

The graphic on the front of the shirt was pretty big but I was able to get at least a 2 inch/5cm border on each side. Its best to have at least this much once to allow for seam allowances.

Since the fabric on the shirt was starting to come apart Amanda and I thought it was best to put some fusible backing on the fabric. Not only would it make the t-shirt fabric more durable, it would give a more defined shape to the cushion. I cut out the fusible backing so it was a little bit smaller than the t-shirt fabric (about 1/2 inch/1.25 cm is good)

I ironed the fusible backing to the t-shirt square by starting in the center and working out towards the edge.

Putting the right sides together stitch use a 1/4 inch seam around 3 of the sides. (If you have a print on the back of your cushion like I did, make sure that both sides are upright). I left the bottom as the side as the side I didn't stitch.

Turn the cushion inside out and check around the edges to make sure there are no areas that need to be corrected.

You could put a zipper on the bottom but I was trying to keep it simple and I didn't have a zipper on hand that was big enough for my cushion any way. Fill the cushion with stuffing so its a little plump but not quite full.

Sew along the open (4th) side until you are 2 inches/5cm or so from the end. Finish filling the cushion with stuffing so it is nice and full. I found that I had to push the stuffing into each of the corners. Once the cushion is full sew up the last little bit.

Once it is all sewed closed you are all done and have given an old t-shirt a new life. This was a quick and easy project but one I can enjoy for years to come. So the next time you have a old shirt that you can't wear anymore,why not turn it into a cushion? 

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Do you have an old T-shirt that you think would make a good cushion?

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