Monday, June 23, 2014

His and Her Travel Review: Lombard Street, San Francisco

We saw a lot of San Francisco on our first trip in 2005 but we were disappointed that we did not get to see Lombard Street. It is one of the more well known streets in San Francisco and is often referred to as "The Crookest Little Street in San Francisco". When we returned a little over a year later on our way to Australia, we included Lombard Street in our itinerary. 

Sean: Lombard Street was pretty easy to get to which is not always the case with some of the landmarks in San Francisco. The top of Lombard Street is directly next to one of the Cable Car lines so we were able to ride right to it. From the street it looked just like any other street but as soon as you looked down the hill you could see just how steep it was. We spent about 15 minutes taking photos and heading to the bottom. It was a pretty steep hill but for some reason it wasn't as steep as I thought it would be. Once you wander down the hill and get a few photos, there really isn't much else to do so budgeting about 15 minutes for this stop is plenty. I was glad that I was able to cross this off my list of places to see in San Francisco but its one of those places that you really only need to see once in person. 

Amanda: It seems like every time people talk about San Francisco, they mention Lombard Street. So naturally I wanted to see it for myself when we went. We walked from the Cable Car to the top of the street and looked down. The view was spectacular (as are most in San Fran) and the street itself has beautiful landscaping. I was surprised to see For Sale signs; I didn't realize that homes were actually on the street itself. I think it would be pretty cool to say "I live on Lombard Street". We took the traditional photos and then we were done. I'm not sorry that we went to visit "The Crookedest Street in the U.S.", but I don't think I would go back.

There were a few people that took on the challenge of driving down Lombard Street.

 The landscaping was really pretty. I thought it would make a good backdrop for my traditional Lombard Street photo.

Sean standing on Lombard Street. 

    Looking back up the street, you can see how steep it really is.

You can see the whole street from the bottom.

Have you been to Lombard Street? What were your thoughts?

Happy Travels!

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