Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Website Wednesday, 10//17/2012

We are starting something new here on the blog and because I love alliteration today seemed like the perfect day to start...

Website Wednesday

Each week we will try to highlight one fabulous website. This week that website is TeuxDeux (found here). I was first introduced to this site through a friend. She said she couldn't live without it and now I know why. 

TeuxDeux is an online to-do list website. You sign up for an account - it's free!! - and you will see a screen with the days listed (dates are there too) and lines. In one of the boxes, on the day you want to add something, you type what needs to be done and hit enter. It is now added to your list. When you have finished the task, you click on it and it is struck out. What you don't get completed today, automatically rolls to tomorrow.

I love this site because it keeps me from having multiple post-it notes with my to-do list on them. I can type it onto the website, prioritize the things if I want by moving them within their list, and keep track of everything that needs to be done. I also love that you can pull up your list on any computer so my TuexDeux list is my home screen for my home and work computers. This way I always know what needs to be done.  

Check out this YouTube video tutorial for a more detailed and graphic description of how this site works. Then you can head to TeuxDeux and sign up for your account. I know you will love this site too!

Happy Wednesday,

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