Wednesday, October 24, 2012

State Fair Part 2: The Animals

One of the piglets just hanging out at the fair
When I was a child one of my favourite things to see at the local fair was all of the farm animals. I enjoyed seeing the animals even though I lived in a small country town as it allowed me to see them all in one spot. The animal houses may have had that musty and the unmistakable barnyard smell but it was worth it. Plus it was a lot more interesting then all of the new cars and farm equipment that was on display because I wasn't allowed to play on them.
One of the more unusual breeds of chicken at the fair.

      As an adult I still enjoy seeing the animals at the fair. Several years ago I went to a local fair in the western part of the state and was very disappointed that there was no animals on display and it just didn't feel like a real fair without them. The state fair did have all of the farm animals and it made the fair experience complete. Some of the animals brought back memories from my childhood as many of my family members had farms or farm animals.  Many of these were memories I had forgotten all about until I saw a particular breed of chicken, cow or sheep. Seeing the goats reminded me of the time that I was at my great uncle's farm and the goats kept head butting me until I jumped over the fence so they couldn't headbutt me any more. Some of the goats looked like they were trying to escape and this reminded me of the goats that we had on our farm that used to jump the fence from one paddock to another. I guess they did this to ensure they always had the greenest grass. The chickens brought back more memories. For example my dachshund Enzo used to chase the chickens on the farm until one of the roosters latched onto his side and kept pecking him until someone hit it with a broom. He left the chickens alone after that. There are many more stories but that is for another time.

Hungry goats
Even today viewing the animals is still one of my favourite activities at the fair even though I have seen many of these animals dozens of times throughout my life. I appreciate that it gives the average person a chance to see many different breeds of animals up close that they would not be able to otherwise. They are always a big hit with the kids and you can see their eyes light up but sometimes the adults have just as much fun.  Sadly there weren't as many animals at the fair this year but the fair was in doubt until mid summer so the organizers did what they could and I am sure they will have a wider selection next year. The animals help make the fair a showcase of agriculture and not just a bunch of fairground rides that you can find at any mall parking lot. I look forward to returning to the fair next year and seeing all of my furry and feathered friends again.


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