Friday, April 8, 2016

F is for Fun Day at Sea

It's April so we are joining thousands of other bloggers and are participating in the A-Z challenge. For the A-Z challenge this year our theme is "the A-Z of cruising" where we will provide some hints and knowledge about cruising on the open ocean. If you missed any of our previous posts check out the links at the end of the post.

Many cruise itineraries include at least one fun day at sea. This may sound boring at first but that is not the case. Each ship has a cruise director and a staff that arranges a ton of activities to keep you from getting bored while at sea.

Around dinner time your room steward will deliver the activity sheet for the following day. For days where there is no port call there is several activities planned for each hour throughout the day. There is something for every taste from trivia contests, belly flop competitions on the pool deck, art auctions and much much more.

At night there is always something to do. There are shows in the main theater, comedy shows, game shows and plenty of clubs and bars to meet and dance with your friends. If you want something more low key there is lounging on the pool decks or finding a nice quiet corner to read and people watch. There is always something to do so being bored at sea should not be an issue. 

Would you prefer to have a relaxed lazy day at sea or take in as many of the activities as possible?

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  1. When son was between jobs for a bit, I talked to him about perhaps working on a cruise ship; we looked into it; you are right, they do work long hours. It is good that the tip is included in the bill; makes it easier to not have to carry a lot of extra money with you.



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