Monday, July 6, 2015

His and Her June 2015 More and Less Review

On June 1, we blogged about things we wanted to do More and Less of in June. I said I would come back on the 30th and give an update, but...well, to be honest, I forgot. Oops!

I'm here now though, so let's recap our goals for June (you can see the entire original post here) and how we did:

Amanda's More and Less for the month of June:
More - Knitting!
         I did great with this goal. Since school ended I have done a lot of knitting. I finished a pair of socks and started another. I finished one and a half squares of my Sherlock afghan. It's been a great summer of knitting so far.

More - Devotions! 
          I have been doing a devotion in the morning with Proverbs 31 Ministries and at night with She Reads Truth. I am loving both!

Less - Complaining! 
          I've been complaining a lot less this month. I'm not at zero complaints so that is my next goal.

Less - Procrastinating!
          Nope! I am still a procrastinator. Sean's sister and brother-in-law will be here next week and we have not cleaned any rooms yet. We have got to get going on this.

Sean's More and Less for the month of June:
More - Running!
          It has been so hot and we have been so busy that I have not run in a while. Something I want to do more of soon.

More -  Biking! 
          See above - no biking this month either. Too much heat and not enough time. 

Less - Snacking!
          This I have been good with. I eat some ice cream at night as a snack but other than that, no snacks. :)

Less - Procrastinating! 
          As Amanda said, we have not cleaned before my sister gets here and the yard definitely needs some attention. We both have some work to do with this one.

Check back tomorrow to see what goals we are setting for ourselves in July.

Happy June,


  1. I started to learn how to knit and always wanted to make a pair of socks. You may have inspired me to take this hobby back up :-)

  2. I like this method of goal setting. Congratulations on your progress.

  3. I think procrastinating is genetic, I am not sure you can change that one.


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