Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Snapshots: State Fair - Midway

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Last weekend we went to the Virginia State Fair. We look forward to it each year and have been every year for the last few years. It is about 2 hours from our home but it is a easy day trip. I take a lot of photos at the fair and one of my favourite sections is the midway (Sideshow Alley). All of the bright colours help make some very interesting photos. Below are some of my favourite photos from the Midway.

The Giant Ferris Wheel dwarfs most of the other attractions in the Midway.

There are several different games including this basketball one. Its interesting that they have to post a disclaimer that the hoops are not a standard shape or size now.

Often they have some prizes that are from popular TV shows or movies like this Duck Dynasty one.

The Midway was pretty crowded even though it was mid afternoon and only gets busier as the day goes on.

Amanda and her parents enjoy playing some of the games. I am happy just taking photos of them playing.

Normally Amanda and her parents win something. Here is their victory picture from this year.

The Midway lights up even more during the night and makes for some great photos but they will have to wait for another week. Have you ever been to a State Fair?


  1. Love it! You gotta cruise the Midway at the fair! And ride the Ferris Wheel with yoour honey! Oh ... and knosh some onion rings and have a lemonade (if you're at our little Hopkinton Fair!).

  2. What a wonderful fair! There was a large fair opposite our accommodation where we stayed in Antwerp. We watched and that was fun!

  3. Everyone loves sideshow alley! (Thanks for the Aussie translation)

  4. Love your colorful photos of the midway. Looks like you all had a great time. I visited the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, WA, several weeks ago but didn't get any photos because of a camera malfunction (long story). But we had a great time.
    Here's the link to my snapshots: Cinque Terre.

  5. I enjoy a good Midway. Love the colors in your photos!

  6. Lovely colourful pictures. Looks like a great day out.

  7. We are having our county fair this week and next, but I haven't gone in years. I loved our state fairs...but again, I haven't gone in a long time. That one is three hours away. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  8. Gotta love a country show - they look the same world over :-)

  9. Looks like a fun day was had by all. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog.


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