Sunday, May 20, 2012


G'day! My name is Sean and I am joining my lovely wife Amanda in this blog detailing our hobbies and interests.

A little about me:
          I am 34 years old and unlike Amanda am not living in the same city where I grew up. In fact I am not even in the same state, country, continent, or hemisphere. I grew up in a small city in Australia and now live in Virginia in the USA. I have been here a little over 10 years and although its been a culture shock I have enjoyed my time here.
         We didn't have mascots at our schools, but if we did at my high school I guess we would have been the Anchors since that was on our school emblem at Oxley High. Go class of '96!
         I have worked at a few different jobs since high school. I worked at a discount department store called Big W (which is similar to Walmart) as a customer service rep until I moved to America. Then I worked at a supermarket as a department manager for about a year, but the grocery industry wasn't for me. Then I spent 4 years working at Chick-Fil-A which is a fast food restaurant. It was some good times but I wanted to try something in an office setting. In 2007 I got a job in a railroad yard working as a customer service rep. I work in a small office, processing orders, scaling trucks in and out, and keeping the customers updated of any problems that may arise.
      My family (blood relatives) all live in Australia but thankfully my American family have taken me in and made me one of their own. My Australian family includes a younger brother and sister, a Timmy who will be my brother-in-law next year, about 10 aunts and uncles and 7 cousins.
 So now you have learned a little about my life story its time to get to the title of this blog, my hobbies. My hobbies include photography, painting pottery, cycling, movies, and training and participating in triathlons. My favorites would have to be the triathlons and painting. I will go into more detail in future posts.

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