Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Her - Some More Arbonne Products to Love

Earlier this week, I posted about my new business and my love of a few products. I couldn't fit all my faves into one post, so I am back to share some more. Click here to see the first set of products.
The Arbonne Advantage ... starts with changing your health and then changing your life.
Some more products I love...

Renewing Body Gelee
SeaSource Detox Spa Renewing Body Gelée  from Arbonne
This product is what my upline refers to as the "Windex" of Arbonne. (Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? I love that movie!!) It works on muscle aches and pains, poison ivy, bug bites, sunburns (I can attest to this one after getting sun poisoning in September and being so grateful for this product), charlie horses, and more. A friend uses it on her plantar fasciitis. I use it for my Achilles tendon which gets really tight after a long day of teaching. If you have something wrong, put some gelee on it. ;)

Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion 24H
SeaSource Detox Spa Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion 24H  from Arbonne
Every winter my skin dries out. The colder the weather, the more dry my skin. Sometimes, to the point of being painful. This winter, I don't have to worry about that - thanks to this lotion. Three pumps is enough for my whole body and I am perfectly moisturized for the entire day. Bonus - there is no air dry time! You know what I am talking about. With other lotions, you put it on and then stand in the bathroom letting the lotion dry so you can get dressed. Not with this lotion!

Cooling Foot Creme
FC5 Cooling Foot Crème from Arbonne
I call this product my pedicure in a bottle. I put it on before bed and it soaks right in. When I walk to bed from the bathroom, I don't have a ton of dog hair sticking to my feet. (I swear with some other lotions, it is like Sasquatch feet by the time I get to the bed.) Because the lotion soaks in quickly and entirely, I don't need to wear socks to keep my bedsheets from becoming gross. When I wake up in the morning, my feet are as soft as if I just had a pedicure. Perfection!

Do any of these products sound good? Do you want more information about the company or the other 400 products? Click here to see our virtual catalog.

All products get directly shipped to middle woman here. See something you like? Let's talk!

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